Peekaboo Primate, originally Airhead, is the black sheep of the metal scene in Finland. We are determined to make a stand with a vague smile delivering a combination of exceptionally unique rhythms and hooks, emotional lyrics topped with melodies bound to ring inside your head forever. Not to mention the live energy. It’s a question of a constant stir of elements being mashed up and every now and then a spark will lit up a scene that is eccentric and unique. Our image and message is to be a spectacle, more than music, a portrait of the modern world with all it’s beauty and beasts. Peekaboo Primate is to be a living thing – a phenomenon.


In the past there is gigging, “Universal” -EP and the “Peek-a-boo Primates” -debut released under the name Airhead by Playground music finland in 2011. Since the debut our style has become even more distinctive and recognizable, modern alternative metal from the heart with true international potential. A new album is on the way and it’s being currently mixed by Samu Oittinen @ Fantom studios. This 10 piece object is to blow off ya tires and it’s easily something that Finland has not heard ever before. Discussion for the release are on the table and now it’s a good time to speak out as some one interested before it’s too late. 


Our current line up is Lauri Lepokorpi aka. Zen mestari (voc/gtr), Riku “Rickmaster” Airisto (dr), Juhani “Ryydolf” Rytkönen (bs) and Matti “Mandela” Auerkallio (gtr). In our crew we have Carl-Eric “ShadowofReason” Särel aka. Kaapo – a self taught cyberpunk dwelling in the known and unknown universe of 101010011001010.


So there you have it and guess what? – WE’RE GONNA GET YA!

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