The Unleashed

how sweet keeping up with the world
celebrate the miracle of life
believe there’s a god and what not
but to realise there’s nothing
and none of this matters anymore.. none of it

when you’re off the grid when you stop
you get ditched out of the box
you react by going insane, a reaction
the only thing that makes you what you are
a human being you know

something that most of you don’t even have anymore
something that compels you to act
it won’t leave you alone
until you do what has to be done
it has to be done simple as that
or we’ll all be gone… we’ll be gone

so that’s why I’m with the maniacs
the forgotten, the beaten down fools
criminals, addicts, sick and the poor
the unleashed
they react, they still feel unlike you
they feel the pain inside
so I’m betting on you
run to the streets
give them what’s coming
shove it in with the burning flame of reality

sickest of them all is what you call normal
hiding behind the mask of civilised and formal
yet the beast remains we know who is the sinner
look and see who’s the figure in the mirror
raise you up to know how to make it go away
denial a man made fairytale
tricked by the one the mighty one we listen
money is the god two thousand year tradition
as karma has the odds it’s a fatal decision
no brave new world no faith to carry on

no no no noooo…

It’s twenty sixteen the time to act is now
after all you’ve seen still you kowtow and bow
yet the power lies with in just reach your inner mind

common man the beggars this is not the way to go
a life lived for others is the worst thing I know (so fuck it!)
so go ahead slit your throat or make a goddamn move
a goddamn move alright?

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